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Very Napa Valley: Palmaz Vineyards

Visiting Palmaz Vineyards

Very Napa Valley Magazine | March 2017 | Original Article

“Tecnologically speaking, Palmaz is one of the area’s most impressive state-of-the-art wineries.  The Palmaz family purchased the property, previously owned by Henry Hagen during the nineteenth century, in the 1990s with the idea of bringing back and enhancing its former glory.  Julio and Amalia Palmaz, along with their kids, Florencia and Christian Gastón set out to create a winery that synergistically combines timeless tradition with cutting edge technology.”

WBM: Innovative Fermentation Technology at Palmaz Vineyards


Innovative Fermentation Technology at Palmaz Vineyards

Wine Business Monthly | BY Paul Fronson | ARTICLE LINK

The winery adds crown to remarkable facility–comprehensive fermentation monitoring displayed on cavern wall.

Cheddar TV: President Christian Palmaz on the Future of Winemaking

President Christian Palmaz on the future of winemaking

Cheddar TV |ORIGINAL Episode LINK

See President Christian Palmaz interviewed on Cheddar TV’s Closing Bell to discuss the future of winemaking and the exciting technology featured at the winery and in the vineyard.

Wine Enthusiast: Where to Visit in Napa Valley in 2017


Where to Visit in Napa Valley in 2017

Wine Enthusiast |BY Virginie Boone | ORIGINAL ARTICLE LINK

Whether you’re looking for a classic winery, word-of-mouth indie or an off-the-beaten-track destination, this is your guide of Napa Valley wineries to see.

Travel+Leisure: Tyler Florence’s Feast for the Senses


Tyler’s Feast for the Senses

Travel+Leisure | Photography by Peggy Sirota | Original Article Link


In California, wine lovers have literally thousands of options for touring and tasting. It’s that access that drew chef Tyler Florence to make California his home.

Forbes: Big Data, Bigger Wines: High Tech Vineyard Reengineers The Magic Of Winemaking

Big Data, Bigger Wines: High Tech Vineyard Reengineers The Magic Of Winemaking

Forbes | By Joe Harpaz | Original Article

For businesses around the globe, there isn’t a single day that the innovation challenge doesn’t rear its head. Disruptors, new buying preferences, and new demographic and geographic shifts are all constantly impacting the way business has to be done.

Life Refined: Sci-Fi Sips


Sci-Fi Sips


Palmaz Vineyards melds futuristic innovation with ancient winemaking techniques
FROM SELF-DRIVING CARS TO 3-D PRINTERS, advances in technology get a lot of buzz in the news—as they should. Some, like cancer-detecting blood tests or holographic computers, have world-changing potential. When it comes to winemaking, however, the scienti c breakthroughs are relatively quiet. In a romantically antiquated fashion, winemaking is done much as it has been for thousands of years—leaving it to fate and the elements to determine taste and quality. The progressive-thinking Palmaz family, however, thinks otherwise; they believe wine and technology, like a crisp Sancerre with oysters, are a perfect pairing.

There’s a place for socially responsible technology in winemaking, Palmaz Vineyards president says

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There’s a place for socially responsible technology in winemaking, Palmaz Vineyards president says

Beverage Daily | BY Mary Ellen Shoup | ARTICLE LINK

Palmaz Vineyards’ president, Christian Palmaz, told BeverageDaily that there is a place for technology and old-school craftsmanship in the wine industry, but it’s about striking a socially-responsible balance.

Salon: This is how your favorite wine gets made

4C-CSPL1421D crop

This is how your favorite wine gets made: Forget Uber – tech pioneers are chasing the perfect Cab


A group of visionary vintners in Napa Valley have uncorked a technological revolution that’s changing winemaking

IN 2000, WHEN START-UP GURU CHUCK MCMINN ARRIVED IN NAPA VALLEY to embark on a second career as a vigneron, the man who once worked at Intel and later as CEO of early DSL provider Covad Communications encountered a community of humble farmers so focused on the minutiae of growing, harvesting and fermenting grape juice that the world had passed them by.

The Tasting Panel: Time Travel




FROM A RARE VERTICAL TASTING spanning 30-plus years of Spottswoode Napa Valley Cabernet to a constellation of real-time data projected on the domed ceiling of a futuristic winery, it’s possible to witness the past and future of winemaking without leaving the 30-mile stretch of Napa Valley.