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The most exclusive of all our tasting collections The Vertical features a straight four year tasting of the signature Palmaz Cabernet Sauvignon. This is an excellent way to understand the relationship between weather and wine for the dedicated enophile.   This kit includes:

Palmaz Estate Cabernet (Current Release)
Palmaz Estate Cabernet (One Year Past Vintage)
Palmaz Estate Cabernet (Two Year Past Vintage)
Palmaz Estate Cabernet (Three Year Past Vintage)

Let us bring our acclaimed tour and tasting experience to your home. Select from one of the various Tasting Packages. You can invite your friends (no matter where in the country they are). We will ship the wine flights to your doorsteps. Then we will arrange a time to meet up on a private video conference with one of our Ambassador sommeliers. Connect with the estate privately on video conference where we will virtually walk through the cave, and our winemaking process. Then taste together the wines while connecting with your friends and family. Each tour is private and live so you control the show. 

Connect, Taste, and Enjoy what Palmaz Vineyards is all about. 

Once we receive your order, one of our Estate Ambassadors will reach out to organize your virtual tasting appointment.  Please allow 2 weeks for us to bottle your tasting kit and ship it before your requested tasting date.

Please note that each of the 250ml bottles included in the tasting kit is 8.45 ounces each. We recommend that 2 -3 persons share one tasting kit.