Grape Tracker

2017 Harvest Tracker

2017 Harvest Tracker | By Christian Palmaz

As of SEP 30th, 2017

One you reach the half way point in harvest you begin loosening up the use of adjectives to describe your confidence in the vintage.  The beginning days of even the best harvest conditions still bring out cautious humility in even the most confident vintners.  However 15 days later, keep those still excellent harvest conditions and you start hearing reports around the valley that this is going to be a great vintage.   As thrilled as we are about the fruit that has come in thus far, there are still a lot of parcels out there developing — particularly our higher elevation fruit.

2016 Harvest Tracker

2016 Harvest Tracker | By Christian Palmaz

As of Oct 12th, 2016

Earlier this morning at 6 AM we officially finished harvest.  Although tomorrow evening threatens to bring the first significant rainfall of the season, the team brought in the last two parcels from 1,400′ with calm and poise.  Excellent planning, good forecasting, and a little help from nature helped make the 2016 growing season predictable and unexciting.  The fruit quality is consistent, excellent, and abundant.  We greatly look forward to seeing this vintage evolve through fermentation and barrel aging.

2015 Harvest Tracker

With the last parcel from 1400 in, that concludes the 2015 Harvest.  We can confidently say in-spite of lower yields, quality is excellent.  It’s quite unbelievable that we are wrapped up with harvest on just October 8th.  The lower yields and loose clusters can be attributed to a cold pattern we experienced during berry set (marked in blue on the weather chart below).  Fortunately the rest of the season was free of major issues.  We are very excited to continue to watch the 2015 develop through fermentation and finally in oak.  Cheers to another year in the door!