Palmaz Vineyards' winemaking and aging takes place within the living rock of Mount George, in a flawlessly engineered maze of tunnels and lofty domes. The height of the wine cave is equivalent to an 18-storey building, providing the vertical range needed for true gravity-flow winemaking. Thus, the wine is never subjected to the violent agitation of pumping, which can change the wine’s intra-molecular structure. This gentle treatment allows the finest nuances of flavor to develop naturally—the result is a complex, elegant wine.
  • The fermentation dome is the world’s largest underground reinforced structure. It is 72’ in diameter and 54’ high.
  • Temperature stays constant at 60 degrees and humidity at 75%, the perfect atmosphere for aging wine.
  • The cave houses its own water treatment plant built to comply with strict conservation guidelines.
  • Fermentation tanks rotate on a custom-designed carousel.
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